WhiteChurch Parish

Parish Information

Sunday Services

8.30 am

10.30 am

Wheelchair access  at all times

Mid-Week Service (+Prayer for the sick) – 10.30 a.m. Wednesday.

Wedding Fee


Burial Fees:

Opening of New Grave


Re-opening of existing Grave


Erection of Headstone


Erection of Flatstone


Erection of Surrounds


Cremation Plots 2ft.x 2ft.


Re-opening of Cremation Plot


Only members of the parish are eligible for graves (apart from those who already own existing grave plots). 

Advance booking of burial plots not permitted.


Rector:  Rev’d David Bowles.  

Tel: 01 4934972  and  089 2364 969

Email: rector@whitechurchparish.com


Parish Reader : Con Power

Parish Overseas Link: Rwandan Project.

Arthur Milligan Tel. 01 4932509, Har Allison Tel. 01 4945931,

David Hunt, Malcolm Hunt.

Churchwardens 2023-24:    
Audrey McGrath
–  Rector’s Warden.
Harold Hislop – People’s Warden.

Select Vestry 2023 – 2024:   Steven Anderson, Bruce Burgess,  Audrey Champ, Geoffrey Conn (Hon Treasurer), Ruth Gaskin (Hon. Secretary), David Hunt, Janine Jamieson, Tom Jenner, Keith Quinn, Jeremy Russell, Gillian Ryan, Hugh St. Leger.

Parochial Nominators 2023-2026: Rhodanne Heaney, David Hunt, Ruth Gaskin, Steven Anderson.

Supplemental Nominators: 2023-2026: Malcolm Hunt, Janine Jamieson, Sylvia Hick, Hugh St. Ledger.

Diocesan Synodspersons:2023 -2026: Harold Hislop, Hugh St. Ledger, Jane Kelly. 

Supplemental Synodspersons: 2023-2026: Gillian Ryan, Lenore Rothwell O’Kane, Bruce Burgess.

Authorised to administer the Chalice: Audrey Champ, Lenore Rothwell O’Kane, Harold Hislop, Colin Graham, Mena Ogodo, Jane Kelly, Thomas Jenner, Steven Anderson, David Hunt, Gillian Ryan, Con Power, David Williams.

Organist/Choirmaster: John Dexter, johndext@gmail.com


Church Flowers: Gillian Ryan gillianstylemama@gmail.com  087 1216445

Glebewardens: Gerry Pullman, Keith Quinn.

Altar Linen: Nellie Gough

Sunday School Superintendent: Janine Jamieson Tel: 4061 847

[ For children from 4 years old.]

Youth Group: Zoe Mulligan

Whitechurch National School: Sarah Richards [Principal] Tel: 4942177

School P.T.A. 2022-2023:  Rachel O’Donoghue (Chairperson), Etain Magennis  (Treasurer), Jennifer Donnelly ( Secretary) Sarah Richards (Principal), Andrea Deacon (Teachers’ Representative), David O’Donoghue (Board of Management Nominee), Emma Murphy (Board of Management Nominee), Aidan Lonergan  (Extra Curricular Activities), and Zoe Phelan (Extra Curricular Activities,May Fete Committee and Fundraising)      Sarah Courtenay (Communications), Stefania Ivaturi, (Purchasing & Media), Catherine Bell (PTA Class Rep Liaison), Jenny Sherwin (May Fete Committee Rep and Fundraising), Angela Hennessy (May Fete Committee Rep), Vasilisa Lebed (Fundraising), Jill Moffett (Hockey Committee Rep).

Board of Management: Reverend David Bowles (Chairperson), Ms. Sarah Richards (Principal), Mr. Geoff Sparling (Treasurer & Community Nominee), Ms. Judy Browne  (Teacher’s Nominee), Mr. Gerry Pullman (Patron’s Nominee), Mrs. Patricia Marchant (Community Nomineee), Ms Emma Richmond (Secretary & Mothers Nominee), David O’Donoghue (Fathers Nominee).

Whitechurch News: Editor: Sylvia Hick, dublinsylvia@gmail.com.

Healer Prayer Union: Hazel Crawford Tel. 4946918.

Mothers’ Union: Gillian Butler 0861536901

Alpha Course: Michael & Rhodanne Heaney, Tel. 086 265 1791

Bible Study: Michael & Rhodanne Heaney, Tel. 086 265 1791

Bible Reading Notes: Rhodanne Heaney, Tel: 01 493 1167.

Whitechurch Cub Scouts : Glen Vince. glenvince2010@gmail.com.

Whitechurch Guides: Ruth Hughes 087 2959 245

Whitechurch Brownies : Hazel Furlong. hazelfurlong1@gmail.com

Whitechurch Ladybirds: Naomi Mulligan, Tel. 01 4949 499

Coffee Shop:  Fridays in the Old Schools Main Hall 1pm – 2pm.

Badminton: Sylvia Simpson  Tel.  086 364 7746.

Bowling Club: Peter Osman. Tel: 087 2254463

C.of I. Gazette: Parish Office Tel: 01 493 4972

Church Review: Heather Plummer . Tel: 01 4944 809

Eco congregation RepPamela Sheil. Tel 01 4933 359

Parish Archivist: Leslie McQueston, Tel: 01 494 3774.

Parish Financial Scheme: Bruce Burgess (Administrator), Gail McGrane (Treasurer/Recorder),

  Geoffrey Conn( Parish Treasurer), Lenore Rothwell O’Kane, Current Churchwardens.

Safeguarding Trust Parish Panel: Rector, Hugh St. Leger, Ruth Hughes, Don Lewis.

Select Vestry’s Old Schools Administration Committee: 

Janine Jamieson [Chairperson] Tel 086 3175900, Jeremy Russell, Kathleen Swanton, Bruce Burgess.

Stables Management Committee:

Jackie Jolley [Chairperson] Tel.01 494 3310, Philip Champ, Tony Sutton.

School Secretary: Laoighse De Burca Tel: 01 494 2177 (office).

Parish office Tel/Fax 01 493 4972, and office@whitechurchparish.com

Rector’s P.A. Janet Gillis [ Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 1.00pm]

Parish Websitehttps://whitechurchparish.com

External Resources that use the Old Schools & Stables

Whitechurch Day-Care

[Age Care] Service [under the auspices of the Health Board].

Supervisor: Isolde DeLaCruz 086 0269719


 Montessori School. Enquiries to Abi Acheson Tel. 087 6759599..

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